Mia Terese Jansson Säätiö sr

Name of the foundation

The Foundation has been named after Mia Terese Jansson. She was born on the 24th of December, 1969, on Christmas Eve, and perished unexpectedly at the age of 24 together with her child, who was due to be born four days later. Mia and her unborn child died suddenly on the 6th of September, 1994.

Objects of the foundation

  • The Foundation aims to support in different ways persons, who have faced grief because of a death of a loved one, as well as associations and organizations, which work for the same purpose.
  • The Foundation aims to foster the beautiful old manners, by which one expresses his own grief work discreetly. Further, the Foundation aims to promote re-introduction of such manners.
  • The Foundation aims to promote painting, which is associated with thoughts and imaginary world.
  • The Foundation aims to promote research work on side effects of medicines.


Mia Terese jansson foundation in action

The aid of our Foundation with limited resources is more symbolic than financially significant in enabling actions. However, such small streams gradually grow into large watercourses in this world. Therefore, we try to be a part of this process.

Until now (year 2020) our Foundation has not paid any compensations for travel or accommodation expenses, daily allowances nor fees excluding auditing, accounting, office and websites upkeep expenses.

The activities of our minor Foundation have not yet gone beyond the first aim (help in grief work). When there is so much grief work around, the resources are not sufficient for other activity.

Grants made

During its existence the Foundation has supported several crisis teams, which meet in their work people, who need help.
Mia Terese Jansson Foundation has funded crisis teams of following organizations.

  • South Finland Defence District
  • Helsinki Police Department
  • Town of Ilomantsi
  • Town of Järvenpää
  • Järvenpää Police Department
  • Town of Kerava
  • Municipality of Kirkkonummi
  • Pohja healthcare district
  • Finnish Red Cross
  • Region of Väståboland


You may contact us via form, to receive more information on how to apply for a grant. We try to answer all enquiries within our resourcies. You may also add your telephone number on the Your Message field.  


Our Foundation needs start-up capital for arranging its actions.

The Foundation will soon apply for the money collection permit. Simultaneously we study various possibilities to improve actions of our Foundation. If you have suggestions to help the Foundation, we will be very happy to receive them.

An idea has been presented that one could donate money in his or her last will in order to support the Foundation.

We will be glad and thankful, if you can support us in developing the Foundation.